Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Rave Construction’s extensive Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) program is designed to look out for our clients’ best interests from preconstruction to project closeout.

Here at Rave Construction, we begin the QA/QC process by completing a fully comprehensive review of all construction documents as early as possible. Performing full plan take offs and performing specification and plan sheet review. Doing our best to capture any potential detail conflicts and value engineering to assist with overall project cost. The QA/QC process also includes a complete constructability review of the project, including the schedule and phasing of the project. Rave Construction includes our subcontractor and vendors in these high level reviews, confirming the overall intent of how the project will be constructed. These reviews allow our firm to quantify and clarify issues for resolution before they negatively impact the cost or schedule of the project. In addition to constructability, we review for durability, longevity, and availability of products and materials.

QA/QC process is continued throughout the progress of the project, by way of continued subcontractor and vendor communications and inspections during the trade work being performed and all other construction activities. Verifying the work is being performed correctly and according to the most up-to-date plans and approved product submittals as outlined in the construction documents.