Successful planning leads to successful project completion. Our approach is to deliver accurate cost estimates and transparent collaborations throughout the entire process. Delivering the best project possible; safely, efficiently, and with clear expectations and communication.

Well organized and communicated reviews during the preconstruction phase lead to integral efficiencies that set your project up for success. Rave Construction will guide you through the preconstruction phase with well outlined and transparent reviews, creating an exceptional experience with an outcome that our clients can be proud of and confident they are receiving the best product.

Our preconstruction staff have the expertise to generate reliable pricing and constructability information for the design team in real-time. Our process of selecting subcontractors and vendors always starts with requests for competitive bidding, which enables us to make early commitments, lock in resources, and ultimately add value to design and budget decisions. What does this mean for you? A full understanding of potential costs and the ability to make informed, rather than reactionary decisions.

 Rave Constructions preconstruction and planning goals:

  • Controlling the budget throughout the process
  • Becoming a valued member of the project delivery team
  • Acting as a professional resource to help guide the design to meet budget
  • Maximizing the owner’s dollars through intelligent cost-saving alternate and value engineering
  • Providing complete transparency, so you know everything we know
  • Planning the overall construction approach, including schedule and procurement methodology
  • Reducing surprises and extended project delays/costs
  • Utilizing technology tools for accurate estimates
  • Determine as-built conditions in existing areas, reduce project conflicts
  • Analyze jobsite for potential safety or environmental risks
  • Identify offsite prefabrication and modularization