Community Outreach

The philosophy of community outreach is a big part of Rave Construction. When selecting a general contractor, always consider how involved the general contractor is with the surrounding community. Whether you’re building a healthcare facility, school, dental clinic, or a new office space for example, each project will become part of the local neighborhood.

Community-engaged through outreach is importance for not only helping others, but also elevating the local community toward success. By the encouragement of strong relationships and giving back as much as possible to the community, it is believed at Rave Construction that our staff will go above and beyond to reach the goals of our clients for providing a quality and safe structure for our community.

Community outreach is not an obligation, it’s who we are. We have found that supporting the community around us helps our firm better understand how to create better services and builds.

What does community outreach look like at a construction firm?

Community outreach happens when our employees become active members of our community. This is different for each of our employees depending on their individual interests and passions.

As a firm, we do our best to encourage community outreach by hosting events, raising funds for charities, or offering volunteer opportunities for those needing help; focusing on making our neighborhoods better places for everyone.